We can’t necessarily predict what the next big social wave is going to be (no one can, although this Forbes article has some interesting ideas), but we can tell you that some things will stay the same no matter what. If you want to use social media to your business’ advantage, you will always need to cultivate real and genuine connections with your audience, and create a strong, authentic online community. If your audience doesn’t feel connected to you in a real and meaningful way, what you have to say and offer instantaneously also begins to feel less important and meaningful. In order to keep them loyal, you need to make them feel like they belong to something.


Here’s how.

  • Find your niche – don’t try to be everything to everyone.
  • Don’t just talk about yourself/your business. Switch it up!
    • Nobody likes that person that only talks about themselves, so ask yourself: How else can your business relate to people outside of your services/products?
  • Become a resource for your network.
    • Offer them content that is informational, educational, or just plain helpful.
  • Directly connect with your audience.
    • Thank them if they give you a compliment or a nice review, and try to address their questions and concerns to the best of your ability (and as quickly as possible).
  • Show up and be consistent.
    • No matter what you do, do it regularly and reliably.


We help brands and businesses to answer these questions and create their own online communities all the time. Hit us up for more tips and tricks on how to develop your own online network.


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