6 Steps to Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

6 Steps to Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

Start with understanding your business. Without this step, you’re not going to get very far. Many clients approach agencies with a unique problem to solve, and hundreds of strategists are chomping at the bit to prove themselves. Unfortunately, when those marketers start to ask the important foundational questions that will inform their tactical recommendations, business… Read More >

How We Build Websites: Your Website’s Body

Building websites from the ground up can be a daunting task. Your standard, out-of-the-box WordPress theme or a cookie-cutter drag-and-drop builder will not always have the level of customization you need in order to promote engagement and generate leads. That’s why we advocate for a fully-custom build at Mountain Mojo Group. Our clients know that… Read More >

What You Need to Know About Facebook’s New Algorithm

Facebook Algorithm

The recent changes happening at Facebook HQ are reminiscent of those high school coming-of-age movies where the main character changes their look and how they act, only to realize they don’t like the people they are around anymore, and the future isn’t quite so bright. Facebook News Feeds have lately been inundated with crowds of… Read More >

The Importance of Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Marketing Strategy It’s the first quarter of 2018 and Barbara the Business Owner needs a new angle for a big boost in sales in the new year. She wants round-the-clock interest and a line around the block. So what does she do? She flips the script  — she alters her brand and… Read More >

New Year, New Direction – Finding Digital Marketing Value in 2018

New Year, New Direction – Finding Digital Marketing Value in 2018 With the end of the year upon us, you can reliably bet that Google’s search engine results pages are full to the brim with clickbait titles that promise “NEXT YEAR’S TOP 12 MARKETING TIPS” that are sure to bring your business to maximum potential… Read More >

Assembling Your Rockstar Marketing Team

Assembling Your Rockstar Marketing Team It’s early morning… custom coffee mugs litter the dark table’s landscape. Natural light permeates the conference room window, illuminating a ragtag team, eager to demonstrate expertise of their craft. They come in all shapes and sizes, but each brings a different skill set to the table. A shadowy figure —… Read More >

3 Keys to Unlocking Websites – The House the Developers Built

WRITE ABOUT THE WEB THINGS! 3 Keys to Unlocking Websites – The House the Developers Built Building a website is a lot like building a house. In essence, your website is your business’s digital home. When you wander through the online neighborhood, sometimes you see the dilapidated, decades-old run down sites. Other times you get… Read More >

Social Media Marketing 101: 5 Musts for Your Facebook Business Page

Social Media Info

When you compare the work of amateur painters to those of the experts, there are tell-tale signs of beginner tendencies that separate abstract professionalism from the “I’m still learning this” crowd. Sure, painting is a subjective art form, but it’s easy to note a beginner’s mistakes. For instance, imagine looking at a painting and seeing… Read More >

Understanding Digital Ads: 7 Need-to-Know Acronyms.

Advertising Acronyms

Even the most savvy of digital marketing professionals will start to look at you cross-eyed if too many acronyms are used in the same train of thought. If you’ve ever been party to one of those unfortunate conversations, you know how quickly all of the “CTR of the FMC is affecting the ROI considering our… Read More >