Quick and Dirty: Introduction to Google Analytics

Quick and Dirty: Introduction to Google Analytics

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So you have a website…check! Now it’s time to move onto your next marketing tactic, right? Before you do that, how is your website doing? How many people are visiting? Are they doing what you want them to do? Where are they coming from? How old are they? If you’ve asked these questions before, the… Read More >

Why Email Marketing Is Making Small Businesses a Lot of Money

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The Rhetoric Behind Email Automation Let’s preface this article by clarifying a foundational stance here: so long as we understand persuasion to be a form of argument, it could be said that marketing is a form of persuasion in and of itself, and it relies on the marketers ability to argue the value of their… Read More >

6 Steps to Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

Start with understanding your business. Without this step, you’re not going to get very far. Many clients approach agencies with a unique problem to solve, and hundreds of strategists are chomping at the bit to prove themselves. Unfortunately, when those marketers start to ask the important foundational questions that will inform their tactical recommendations, business… Read More >

How We Build Websites: Your Website’s Body

Building websites from the ground up can be a daunting task. Your standard, out-of-the-box WordPress theme or a cookie-cutter drag-and-drop builder will not always have the level of customization you need in order to promote engagement and generate leads. That’s why we advocate for a fully-custom build at Mountain Mojo Group. Our clients know that… Read More >

The Importance of Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Marketing Strategy It’s the first quarter of 2018 and Barbara the Business Owner needs a new angle for a big boost in sales in the new year. She wants round-the-clock interest and a line around the block. So what does she do? She flips the script  — she alters her brand and… Read More >