City of Sedona logo

The Goal

Create professional signs that are clean and easy to read for the community bike park, skate park and playground.

How We Did It

After a kick-off meeting to learn the client's vision and goals, our designers created modern, revamped signs for the City of Sedona.

Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ

The Goal

Sedona’s natural outdoor playground offers endless possibilities for adventure seekers. With vast trail systems, community parks, and top-notch public amenities, it’s no wonder this city attracts outdoor enthusiasts from all over.

To enhance the experience, the city needed clear signage directing users and outlining regulations. We were tasked with creating designs that capture the city’s welcoming spirit and enhance its community branding.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, the signs we created will ensure you have a safe and exhilarating experience in Sedona’s public spaces.

Skate Park Before:

City of Sedona Bike Park Sign

Skate Park After:

The Dog Wash Flagstaff new website home page

How We Did It

Whether you are looking for a new business card or a nationwide branding campaign, we dedicate specific time to understanding who you are and who your customers think you are, prior to designing any collateral that represents your brand.

The key to success in our fast-paced world is to be easily recognizable. That’s why we make it our mission to showcase your brand in the best light possible and make it shine anywhere to any audience.

Brand consistency is more than just a pretty logo – it’s about creating a memorable experience that sticks with your customers.

The City of Sedona has a strong brand identity across all its digital platforms, print designs and city signs. Having done previous sign design work for the City, we were familiar with the look and feel they hoped to portray.

We highlighted the text elements that were most important to them while making them easy to read and understand for the consumer. We can’t wait to hit up the bike park and check out the new signs in person!

Bike Park Before:

Old City of Sedona Bike park Sign

Bike Park After:

City of Sedona Bike Park Sign

Why Having a Consistent Brand Matters

Brand consistency plays a vital role in the success of any business. It is the foundation upon which a brand message is built; it creates recognition and trust with customers and instills a sense of credibility and reliability in your business.

Strong graphic design is integral in maintaining brand consistency as it ensures that every touchpoint, from a website to a business card, echoes the core values and visual identity of a brand. It helps in creating an emotional connection with customers and enhances their experience with the brand.

Consistent branding is particularly important in today’s digital age, where there are multiple channels available for businesses to communicate with their customers. A cohesive and consistent brand image is the key to building lasting relationships with customers and establishing a robust business reputation.

Whether you need a new website, help with your social channels or print design collateral, Mountain Mojo Group would love to help! Check out some of our portfolio pieces below, and reach out to us here.


The Team

Sydney Bingham is a Resource Manager and Designer at Mojo. Since graduating from ASU with a Management degree, she’s worked in a variety of small- and mid-sized businesses to develop a strong marketing background and expertise that she shares to support her clients and her team. With a long history in print design, (her dad owns a print shop in Phoenix!), Sydney graphic design and print expertise fit perfectly with the City of Sedona’s sign project.

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