Most of our clients have one big question when they start working with us, ‘How do I rank?’. And that is a very tricky question with a whole lot of potential answers!


Rank Above Your Competitors

We provide two different models of search engine marketing to our clients and when they work together symbiotically, it’s a beautiful thing! Our team typically provides an organic SEO approach that includes both on-page SEO (on your website) and off-page SEO (on the internet) while also creating and executing paid search campaigns that drive immediate traffic to your website.

This second approach is crucial for newer brands or within competitive industries to purchase quick rankings for target keywords and for established brands to push specific products and services to new audiences.

The Mojo Method

Search Advertising • Display Advertising
Shopping Advertising • Mobile Advertising

What is PPC Anyway?

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is a method of digital advertising in which businesses pay ad platforms (such as Google, Bing, etc.) a small fee every time their ad is clicked.  Ads are shown on search engine results pages and relevant websites based on a strategic keywords and campaigns that our team will tailor to your company and business goals.
Unlike SEO, which boosts organic ranking on search engines, PPC results are paid placements. Paid ads always show up before the organic searches, which is important for the visibility of a business and can lead to users finding your company –  even when they search for a competitor. The Mojo Team has exponential experience with pay-per-click advertising, and we can create a successful ad campaign that will bring your business the ROI and leads you are looking for.

From here, we can benchmark your site and start to make updates to your on-page SEO!

Our Services and Success

Our team runs both local and national PPC campaigns, utilizing Google AdsBing Ads, and Yahoo Gemini. We create strategic ads for search and native advertising platforms, as well as use re-marketing and re-targeting campaigns to bring back in those customers who may have looked at your site, but not followed through on purchasing or converting to a lead. With a whole team of talented creatives on our side, we are not only able to create powerful written ads, but also eye-catching display (image) ads that drive people to your website.
Our success is thanks to our communication with you, the client. Our goals are whatever yours are, and we will work with you to make sure that we reach those goals. We run campaigns for both brand awareness and conversions that align with your advertising budget and your needs. We’re here to drive results. 

PPC Reporting & updates

Monthly Reporting & Analytics

Each month your project manager will deliver a comprehensive report of your PPC & SEM  analytics combined with all of your other marketing channels. This snapshot will give you a broad overview of wins and losses with the ability to dive deep on subjects that beg further attention. These reports start and end with your established monthly, quarterly and annual goals. We don’t just give you a dashboard or deliver random numbers and graphs, our team analyzes each metric (that’s how we adjust and optimize your campaigns), tells you what they’re doing, what they’re seeing and then makes recommendations. Upon receiving the team’s feedback, your project manager will set up a report meeting to gather real time input from you and your team on what’s working, what’s selling, what’s not, what your customers are saying, what your team’s excited about, etc. Combining this real time feedback with your digital marketing analytics allows you to make extremely informed decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of your marketing.

Display Ad Gallery

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Other Marketing Services

Logos & Branding

Can you tell your customers and clients who you are and what you represent without speaking? A strong Brand Identity is crucial.

Graphic Design

Whether you are looking for a new business card or a nationwide branding campaign, we dedicate specific time to understanding who you are and who your customers think you are, prior to designing any collateral that represents your brand.

Social Media

Behind all of the success seen when analyzing major brands is a sense of community — that intangible, yet critical factor in brand development. Consistency is key for this.

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