Mary Denholm

Project Manager

Mary is a member of our Project Management team! A former Maryland attorney, she worked in litigation for 6 years before changing her focus to marketing and entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur herself, Mary learned how crucial marketing is to long-term business success. She understands the joys and stressors that come with being a business owner and finds joy in using what she has learned first-hand to help other businesses navigate the world of marketing so they can achieve their entrepreneurial dreams too. She is also a yoga teacher, running coach, and in February 2020 placed 51st in the United States Olympic Marathon Trials! In her spare time she enjoys skiing, running, and hiking with her dog Max.

Favorite Family Tradition:

New Christmas PJs!

If I were to max-out my credit card somewhere, it’d be..

Any running or outdoor store.

If I could swap places with someone for a day, it’d be…

Rich Roll

If I could have one superpower, it’d be…

Teleportation – I love traveling and it would be awesome to be able to get to a destination immediately to have more time there!

My Strangest Talent:

I manifest parking spots. I can always find a parking spot right where I need one.

The best part about living in Flagstaff is…

I love how close to nature I am while also living within the city limits. Between the FUTS out my back door and amazing hikes a short drive away, it is awesome to live in an active community where you can be social and have the benefits of a small city but also get out on a trail quickly just you to be surrounded by nature!

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