Here is a question for you: Which pages on your website do your users love the most? Do you know? Did you know you can find out this information? By tracking behavioral analytics on your website you can find out a ton of data about not only who your visitors are, but also which pages perform the best and why. If pages are not loved by your users, why have them!? Or perhaps they just need a serious makeover to improve the user experience. If people are spending zero time on those pages, or worse the pages are causing people to LEAVE your website, then they are not serving you and your business. 

Improve Customer Experience by Tracking User Behavior

The purpose of your website is to spread awareness of your small business and to increase conversions. To find out if your website is actually helping or hurting your business it is important to track the behavior patterns of your website visitors. By tracking the amount of time on page, which pages your user frequently visits, which pages are the most engaging, and which have the lowest bounce rate, you will get a better understanding of which pages are loved the most by your users. Then you will be able to figure out stylistically and structurally what it is about those pages that makes them perform the best when compared with other pages on your website. By gathering the analytics we can then improve the Uxdesign and thus the user experience. 

Screenshot of Google Analytics Behavior Flow

UBA – User Behavior Analytics

User Behavior Analytics is the process of gathering insight into what your visitors do on your website. Specifically, behavior modeling allows you to see what pages people visit and what actions they take when on your website.  UBA creates a baseline of data on normal behaviors and activity is collected and analyzed for patterns to create that baseline. This baseline then can be used in one of two ways (1) to improve your website’s user interface, Uxdesign, and thus user experience, and/or (2) detect suspicious patterns that may indicate theft, fraud, and other malicious activities on your website

Convincing Users to Convert

Conversions are the name of the online game! The primary purpose of your website is to convince the user to convert – whether that is subscribing to an email list, booking an appointment, purchasing a product you sell, etc. If you are unsure of where to begin to improve your conversion rate, behavior analytics is a great place to start. By understanding behavior, you can customize your marketing and promotions based on what visitors do on your website and how they engage with your website. Improving the design and structure of your website to streamline the visitor journey towards that desired conversion is data-driven and comes from behavior analytics. One of the main considerations in our constantly evolving digital landscape is how your website appears on mobile vs. desktop because more and more people use their phone for everything: google searches, social media, eCommerce purchases. Making sure your website is optimized for mobile will convince more users to convert. 


At Mountain Mojo Group we are proud to be Flagstaff, Arizona’s local digital marketing company. But just so you know, our reach is well beyond Coconino County, as we have clients all over the United States. Our niche is locally owned and operated small businesses. We love to help other small businesses by building websites and maintaining them to make sure they continue to serve the businesses for which they were uniquely designed. The first step is gathering data and then second is making sense of it so that we can learn from it and design a website that improves the user experience and boosts conversions. Message us, and let’s find your website Mojo!

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