Have you heard of a splash page? Splash pages are something that you are going to start hearing more about because they are making a comeback in online marketing. It has been described as your business’s virtual business card – a fast loading small screen that is the first thing a visitor sees when they come to your website. At Mountain Mojo Group, part of our job is to stay abreast of marketing trends so our clients have the most technologically advanced websites with optimum user experience. We created this quick guide for you about marketing splash pages and their place in the digital marketing world.

What is a splash page?
The purpose of a splash page is to inform your website visitor of something. You can use them as a welcome introductory screen or teaser to get people excited with information about giveaways, upcoming events, special discounts, and more. They can also be used as a security feature (like an alcohol website requiring visitors to confirm they are over 21 years old), give the visitor the option of choosing a  language, alert the visitor that your website has sound, and so on.

What does a splash page need?
The main thing you want to ask yourself, is whether the splash page serves an important purpose and does it improve the user experience. A poorly designed splash page deters website visitors and can backfire. Here are the three components of a splash page:

1) Simple easy to absorb message or call to action;

2) A background image or logo; and

3) A clear exit button to take the user to your website. (such as “continue to site”)

Depending on the purpose of your splash page, you may also want to include customer testimonials or business credentials/certifications to invoke feelings of trust for your website visitor. Design of the splash page is important to make sure you are incorporating aesthetically pleasing colors, captivating imagery, intriguing messaging, and easy to read fonts to make it visually appealing to improve the user experience.

How is a splash page different from a landing page?
A landing page is a separate full page created on your website where your potential customer lands after they click on an advertisement. The purpose of the landing page is to encourage a website visitor to perform a certain desired action, such as purchase a product, schedule a call, subscribe, submit a contact form etc. A splash page is a large window that appears on the main website page to provide information to your visitor and they can exit from that window and proceed to the homepage of your website. They are similar to a pop-up but stylistically much more sophisticated.
According to recent studies, the average human attention span is 8 seconds. When designing a splash page for your website it is a balancing act of providing important information while keeping messaging concise to keep the visitor’s attention. Designing a splash page is where you can highlight your business’s creativity and personality. It does not need to be the traditional square box that feels like the annoying pop up that everyone clicks the “x” to get rid of the second it appears. 

At Mountain Mojo Group, we are a creative, data-driven website development company. We are dedicated to helping small businesses optimize their websites.  Enhanced user experience yields higher conversion rates and therefore increased revenue for your business. Contact us! We are here to help you!

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