Meet Rebekah Glebe

Digital Marketing Specialist

Rebekah has spent ten years refining her professional communications skills through digital marketing projects, copywriting, market analysis, persona development, and customer engagement campaigns. She dabbles in graphic design and is always eager to learn new things.

She enjoys getting lost in the woods with her dog, biking to boujee coffee shops, and challenging her (healthy) fear of heights through aerial arts. When she’s not out finding her next adventure, she’s experimenting in the kitchen or listening to a podcast.

Favorite Family Tradition:

When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, we run around our neighborhood banging pots and pans!

If I were to max-out my credit card somewhere, it’d be..


If I could swap places with someone for a day, it’d be…

My dog, April! I can’t even begin to conceptualize what being a dog is like. All those smells!

If I could have one superpower, it’d be…

This is tough! I want to be able to speak and understand any language so I can better explore other cultures. But I would also like to fly so I could get there.

My Strangest Talent:

I had the gumption to teach myself how to crochet tiny stuffed animals. Maybe that gumption is really the talent here…

The best part about living in Flagstaff is…

The niche communities I’ve stumbled into. Honestly, these are some of the best people I’ve every known.

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