Social Media Marketing

If you sat down to dinner with a friend, what are some of the things you would discuss? You probably wouldn’t try to sell them on your business while enjoying a meal together, right? That’s how we recommend you look at your social media, like a conversation amongst friends.

Social Media Marketing

It’s All About Making Connections

What does your voice sound like in a crowd? How does your brand look amongst thousands of other brands online? Behind all of the success seen when analyzing major brands is a sense of community — that intangible, yet critical factor in brand development. Consistency is key for this.

Used to gain traction in the development of new leads, and simultaneously to keep new potential customers interested, social media functions as a versatile instrument in the digital marketing world.

At Mountain Mojo we prides ourselves on our ability to deliver clients their ideal platform for social media engagement, whether their goal be brand development, product sales, or community engagement. We approach our social techniques from two connected perspectives: organic efforts and paid advertising.

The Mojo Method

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Whether you’re attempting to connect with a B2B prospect on LinkedIn, serving up the perfect product to the perfect audience on Instagram or highlighting a fun DIY project on Pinterest, the important thing to always remember is ‘have a goal!’. 

Once we’ve been through the discovery meetings with you and your team, we begin to build out your social media strategy. Through this process, we find your true voice, your brand identity, the tone with which you communicate. 

Then, we identify your target audience. Who are they? Where do they live? What is most important to them? When and how do they consume media? Is it through a new podcast during an evening run or an early morning Facebook scroll? Once we know who you are and who they are, we determine where they are going to be when they see your ad, which ad will they see at what point in your campaign? How often? Are there influencers or strategic partners that can help to amplify your message? 

Once we have the strategy in place, we begin the creative process, which includes graphic design with colors and fonts that are on-brand, photo shoots that capture the true lifestyle of your audience interacting with your service/product, the ideal messaging that resonates with your customer base, & the true tone that aligns with your brand. 

Now we have a choice: do we run an organic (or unpaid) campaign that relies on strategic partners and potential viral content, do we purchase ads in well placed outlets, OR do we do both? Luckily all of this has been determined during your strategy build, laid out well before the creative direction was defined, so that when you’re ecstatic about your campaign look, it rolls out seamlessly. 

Finally, what is a goal without a measurement of success? We benchmark all associated analytics prior to launch in order to revisit the data during and after the campaign. This data provides us with direction for future campaigns while gauging our present level of success. The proof is in the pudding! 

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