Handyman Hardware

Mission & Vision

Handyman Hardware had its humble beginnings when Ken and Kathleen Otto purchased Pine Lawn Hardware & Appliance in North St. Louis County, fulfilling their lifelong dreams of owning a business. After owning and operating Pine Lawn Hardware & Appliance for several years, the Ottos wanted to build a new store from the ground up. They began building in Florissant, and in 1967 they opened the doors of the very first Handyman Hardware to the public. Ever since that day, Handyman Hardware has taken immense pride in providing hardware and customer service to the community.

The vision of Handyman Hardware is to become the first choice in meeting the hardware needs of the communities in which we operate and the greater St. Louis area.

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What We Did

Handyman Hardware reached out to us to create a new website that was able to fully integrate with Orgills product inventory so they could offer ecommerce to customers. We were able to create a robust website that has a large inventory of products for customers to choose from.

In addition to the website, we refreshed their logo with a more modern feel that perfectly complements the website! 

Handyman Hardware came on as a retainer client and now we manage their social media, newsletter, Google Ads, blog post, and more! 

Logos & Branding

Establishing a unique brand identity while leveraging three well establish hardware retail stores. 

Handyman Hardware was looking for a logo that would support the creation of a consistent brand identity throughout their marketing and advertising mix for years to come. We started the project with a few considerations:

  • They needed consistency with their new logo and brand
  • One of their goals was to gain the attention of new customers
  • Show existing customers that they are evolving with the times and are a serious and modern player in the hardware retail space.

Through a series of drafts, we brought Handyman Hardware into 2023! The final logo was, at its core, a refreshed version of their original logo – the one that devoted customers had grown to love but one that will attract new customers. Along with a new logo, we provided a brand identity guide for Handyman Hardware and their stakeholders to use as a tool to consistently represent the Handyman Hardware brand across all channels.


Original (old) Logo

logo variation
HH logo variation

(Some of) the logo concepts Mojo Presented

Final Logo

Final Logo


Power of Ecommerce

Handyman Hardware recognized that their marketing efforts and website were “behind the times” and expensive compared to modern solutions. For example, one of their main sources of marketing was print circulars – which can be very costly. They were looking to modernize their marketing, establish an e-commerce website, and not leave potential revenue on the table. 

After evaluating their website, we set some goals for the new website:

  • Grow revenue 5% year over year (460 new customers per year per location)
  • Create an additional stream of revenue through an e-commerce website
  • Appeal to a younger audience and their shopping trends

We created an e-commerce website so customers can now fully shop online and pick up their orders in-store.

Not only does the e-commerce store bring in more revenue, but it also drives more traffic to the website through SEO, bringing it full circle and increasing sales. 

Handyman Website

Media Days

BTS media

We offer clients an option for media days where some of our best, come out to take photos and videos of your store. These media days enable us to connect with your business, interact with staff members, and take photos. All while we gather content to update your website, have content for social posts, and images for blog or newsletter. 

These media days not only help us help you connect to your customer, but they allow us to connect with your store and staff members and embrace your branding and voice of your business.

We do regular media days for Handyman Hardware and are always happy to fly across the country to hang out with these amazing people! 

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