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Loven Contracting is one of the Southwest's leading commercial builders who has a highly experienced marketing team that was looking to redesign their entire website and position the company for highly targeted and aggressive SEO and eventually PPC campaigns.


Strengthening the overall brand of Loven Contracting


Provide a further-reaching story for large products with a goal of regionally branding as an industry leader. Also, a limited portfolio that didn’t best represent the talented team and its many large projects. 


Build a website with the customer, the internal team, and the search engines in mind. Then follow up with a content campaign focused on specific keywords, engaging blogs, and lots of on-page activity including backlink sourcing.


Website Development

Goal: Utilizing Loven Contracting’s website to show off their incredible portfolio of projects and increasing keyword ranking.

Using the company’s amazing photography archives, our website development planning was focused on curating and sharing the story for new prospective customers looking for everything from historic restoration to large municipal projects. Once the website strategy was complete and the system’s architecture for the project was solidified, we went to work on the branding aspect of the site, creating mockups and getting a solid look and feel. After the branding came the SEO work within the content migration process that was focused on keywording for the search engines. Once a site looks beautiful, operates efficiently and is optimized, all that is left is the launch, debugging, troubleshooting for the team, and training that shows our client’s teams how to update and maintain their website.

Search Engine Optimization

Improving geo-specific keyword rankings.

Performed a site-wide SEO audit and identified key opportunities for improving their search engine performance. On a monthly basis, we build out geo-specific landing pages for top services, focusing on industry general keywords, and although we can’t share the secrets, we can let you know that we are optimizing every day and the results are there! 

Google Ranking Change

Organic Web Traffic


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