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Mountain Mojo Group’s marketing experts understand the importance of a well-rounded approach to advertising efforts that focus on digital advertising with Google search & display ads, & social media ads, as well as traditional advertising, like television, radio, print, outdoor/billboard ads.

Comprehensive Advertising

Choosing the Right Advertising Mix

So, how do you choose the right channel for your marketing? One of the most popular questions we receive from clients is, ‘How do we get the word out?’. As you are well aware, there are hundreds of advertising outlets, each with their own unique benefits.

Through our strategy building process, we identify the channels that will give you the largest reach, deliver the biggest branding impact, and drive the most revenue.

The Mojo Method

Helping clients maximize their advertising budget through data-driven decision making, messaging led by a keen understanding of your audience, and creative design that engages and inspires your customer!

Advertising Strategy

We start by building out your marketing strategy or what we refer to as your marketing blueprint. This document includes market, industry, and business research in order to produce guidelines for any and all aspects of your marketing from day 1.


Relationships take time and are very important in the world of traditional advertising. Mountain Mojo Group has taken the time to build strong relationships with radio station owners, newspaper publishers, and television producers to ensure that our clients get the best possible price on the most popular programming.

Multiple Outlets

Whether we’re placing your brand on a billboard in a popular corridor, getting you an interview with a big-time radio jock or purchasing space with Google to get you the clicks that will take your business to the next level, we understand and thrive in what can be an extremely overwhelming world of advertising choices. Our team keeps their finger on the pulse of the marketing industry by reading the newest blogs, attending large conferences, listening to podcasts on marketing trends and insights, and by constantly sharing new wins in digital marketing mastermind groups. There’s always something new, and we use data-driven decision making to see if it’s a good fit for our clients.


Digging Into the Data

Measuring paid digital advertising gets easier and easier for data collection and harder and harder to interpret. Our data scientists and strategists pour through your analytics on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, sorting through A/B tests that reveal the best possible channels, ad spend, audiences, messaging, & media. This data is delivered to our clients every month in order to get real-time feedback, revenue numbers, employee insight, and ownership perspective. When you combine what’s happening in real-time with what’s happening online, you get a comprehensive view of your marketing that allows for much easier, more focused marketing execution.

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Other Marketing Services

Public Relations

Your brand has many layers, each with its own unique human interest story, each ready to be shared with the world.


Whether it’s a promotional commercial shot for a Facebook ad or 15 minute process piece shot for a pitch meeting, we’re here to creatively and collaboratively tell your story through the magic of video.


Capturing the essence of your business, your ‘why’, your true brand identity through moments, people, lifestyles, and stories

Find out how Mountain Mojo Group can can help take your business to the next level

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