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Public Relations

Mountain Mojo Group understands that your story is so much more than advertising and a website, that your brand has many layers, each with its own unique human interest story, each ready to be shared with the world.

Public Relations

Public Relations and Media Outreach

What is Earned Media? Earned media, or earned content, is any material written about you or your business that you haven’t purchased or created yourself. Typically this type of media is published by a third party, but there are many creative ways that marketers position their clients for earned media opportunities.

Whether you’re a real estate group or retailer, a solopreneur or large organization, you have a story to tell, a dream to share, a passion that others would love to learn more about. With a focus on editors and reporters as well as influencers and popular digital platforms, our PR team works day and night to find the perfect partner for your brand.

The Mojo Method

Helping clients tell their story

We often begin a PR engagement with clients the same way we begin all of our relationships: by listening. Through a discovery meeting, we ask deep and personal questions, we pour through your ‘why’, your beginning, your motivation, your family, your passions, your favorite volunteer program, your team and their triumphs and on and on until we understand every aspect of you and your organization. 

Once we have a handful of solid stories, we incorporate them into your overall marketing strategy and begin to identify potential outlets and partners. It is through this process that your story starts to take form, whether it be through an inspiring video perfect for a vlog with 1M followers or a compelling press release that finds itself extremely relevant to a large publication. And the one thing to keep in mind is the ‘real’. We don’t try to force stories, we stay focused on the ‘feels’ that your true north creates and not publicity for publicity’s sake. It is your REAL stories that find the best traction!

The other side of today’s PR is influencer marketing. Placing your product with a person of influence can be as simple as shipping it to an interested party; it can be a very expensive proposition. Either way, it is important for us to do our research and identify the best possible return on investment for you.

And of course, there is messaging. We encourage all of our clients to develop a crisis management plan in case their organization ever gets into unchartered territories and needs immediate responses. To put out appropriate and timely messaging during difficult times requires a solid plan. And if you have yet to come up with that plan, but find yourself in need of some messaging recommendations, we are here to lend a PR hand. 

PR Reporting & updates

Monthly Reporting & Analytics

Each and every one of our campaigns, whether it’s an influencer-led Facebook campaign or a press release speaking to your thought leadership, comes with a targeted goal, measurable analytics and a report that lets you and your team know the efficacy of your campaign. 

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Research & Strategy

Great businesses grow from great plans. We dig deep to discover the true essence of your brand.

Website Design & Development

Your website should focus on 3 core elements: your brand, your goals, and your audience.

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