Whether it’s a promotional commercial shot for a Facebook ad or 15 minute process piece shot for a pitch meeting, we’re here to creatively and collaboratively tell your story through the magic of video.


Videos That Capture The Aura Of Your Company

People are visual beings. When scrolling on social media or the internet, videos are the number one way to not only capture peoples attention, but to easily get your message across. We have a group of people who know the right angles, the proper editing techniques and the best concepts to make each video interesting and engaging. 

Our videography team will provide everything from concepts, scripts, actors, sets, wardrobes, crew, equipment, graphic overlays, motion graphics and creative, engaging storylines.

The Mojo Method

Promotional Videos • Social Media Campaigns • Storytelling

TV Advertisement •  Documentary Short Films

How are you translating what you do and why you do it, into an easy- to-consume,  customer-retaining, customer-recruiting, genuine, brand-consistent, engaging and shareable video? Well, our marketing strategists and videography crew work very closely with you and your team to do just that! Here is what to expect when hiring us to create your next great video:

  • Discovery! We start each project with a discovery meeting. These are focused on identifying your vision, your marketing goals, your past and present branding efforts to maintain consistency, your target customer, and what you’d like them to see, feel, react to, & do upon viewing your video. 
  • Shot list! Your project manager will compile your discovery meeting notes onto a treatment document that will combine your vision with our team’s recommendations for a few storyline options.  
  • Once you’ve decided on the story, we begin to script, source talent and sort through the logistics of location(s), schedules, costuming, sound, set design, equipment, etc. The planning is a crucial step in our video process. 
  • Let’s shoot! On the day(s) of your shoot, your project manager will keep you informed of the progress throughout the day. 
  • Rough edits. Once the shoot is complete, our editors review the footage and cut together the clips of rough footage for your review prior to sound, color and other detailed editing. Once you like the flow, we move onto detailed editing. 
  • Once the roughs are complete, we start to combine sound with scenes, apply color correction, music, voice over, etc. Your project manager will send over this next piece which will look very close to your final deliverable. 
  • Final edits. Once we have your final direction established, we complete the final tweaks, and then share the completed version through a cloud transfer and physical hard drive. We DO NOT license videos. This is your dream, your vision, your products, and we are simply sharing your story.

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