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Homco Lumber and Hardware in Flagstaff, Arizona is one of our locally owned and operated independent retail hardware clients who is committed to unparalleled customer service, culture-based team building and aggressive growth strategies utilizing a modern and comprehensive marketing mix.

Please see year over year (YOY) analytics for our first year’s engagement with Homco below:

Google Search Impressions


New Website Users


Google Ranking Change


Website Traffic from Facebook



Strengthening local branding while driving traffic and increasing revenue


Our goal was and continues to be, to unify HomCo’s brand across all channels, create engaging and useful content, continually track and learn from all marketing analytics, increase in-store traffic, increase average transaction amount, and increase overall revenue.


We started our journey with Homco by working closely with their team to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. Next, we conducted a full audit on the efficacy of marketing channels and the consistency of branding and messaging. Once we had a solid understanding of HomCo’s brand goals, team, and marketing strategy, we developed creative and thoughtful content in order to launch our new marketing campaigns.


“Towards the end of 2018 we met with Rand and his team at Mountain Mojo to see how they can help us with our marketing needs. Our traditional marketing approach of newspaper display ads, flyers and radio didn’t show any spike in business. We needed to update our website, have more consistency in the social media arena, and then tie all of this together with our in-store signage.  Mountain Mojo did just that and more through 2019. Because they did so much more, we handed our entire marketing budget to them in 2020. The team at Mountain Mojo is professional, responsive, informative, and fun! They are an integral part of the team here at HomCo.”

Todd Callan, Chief Operating Officer, HomCo Lumber and Hardware

Pay-Per-Click & Search Engine Marketing

Reaching qualified prospective clients beating the hardware retail giant in town

With a focus on supplementing organic search traffic with paid traffic and to push monthly deal leads into new channels to reach new customers, we shifted our focus to display ads that targeted 3 identified personas.

In trying to get keywords to rank for basic and/or loss leader type retail items ranking against and beating the hardware retail giants in town, highlighting the fact that our in-store experts can best explain these products we battled Amazon and with display ads that identified Homco as the ‘Friendliest Place in Town’, we were able to really push branding as well.

Social Media & Videography

Brand Consistency is Key

In an effort to provide brand consistency across all platforms and channels including their sales sheet which replaced their monthly mailer, monthly departmental focuses, branding the store with the ultimate goal of increasing brand awareness through social media. Increasing brand ambassadors and evangelists by sharing team content that asks those loyal customers to weigh in and vote on various fun employee contests and in-store promotions and giveaways. In rolling out our ‘local experts’ campaign, we knew that we wanted to incorporate some videos to support the claim.

We met with HomCo leadership team to identify specific departments that typically had the most questions from everyone, our millennial new home buyer to our tenured professors. Then we met with different department leads to sort through who might work best on camera, then we got to work scripting, shooting, and editing (including some hilarious outtakes) a series of videos that positioned the HomCo team as experts that were knowledgeable, trustworthy, and available (another key point discovered during our surveys and a key differentiator from our other brick and mortar competitors).

Event Activation

Memories that will last a lifetime 

This needs to be called out, the HomCo leadership team is why these events work. Their planning, coordination, creativity, local networks, and full team buy-in make for extremely fun experiences at their events.

Although we have found tremendous success in event promotions led by social media photography, videography, and design, the events were awesome before we even got there. Special events also called for branded in-store signage, event support with sponsorship and partnership outreach, and instore filming of live events. Some of their events include the Annual HomShow, Ladies Night, and the Young Builders monthly event. 

Graphic Design & Web Development

A Unified Brand Message Builds a Stronger Brand Image

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