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Great businesses grow from great plans.

Marketing Strategies


Mountain Mojo Group has the experience, expertise, and resources to help grow your business and make you stand out from your competitors. Our marketing team is assembled with like-minded, big hearted,  driven individuals who think outside of the box. We provide high-energy strategic planning, public relations, social media management, digital marketing and development, brand development, and full-creative capabilities. We dig deep to discover the true essence of your brand.

The Mojo Method

Business Consulting • Market Research
Competitive Analysis •  Public Relations • Press Releases

Prior to building websites and branding kits or launching any campaigns for our clients, we build a marketing blueprint. These strategic plans take a deep dive into your business to analyze your past and present efforts, define your brand, make marketing recommendations, then create a comprehensive plan that includes goals, KPI’s, timeline, ad budgets and next steps for your business and team to have a well-organized path to success. 

Here is what to expect in your marketing strategy document:

  • Defined SMART Goals
  • Data Benchmarks
  • Analysis of All Past & Current Marketing Efforts
  • Summarized Brand Identity
  • Industry Research, Trends, and Winning Tactics
  • Survey Insights
  • Target Persona Summary
  • Creative Marketing Campaign Concepts
  • Existing Marketing Tactics
  • Content Strategy
  • Estimated Timeline, Ad Budget and Next Steps

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Social Media Advertising 101 for Retail Stores

Social Media Advertising 101 for Retail Stores

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How To Build A Hardware Retail Marketing Strategy

How To Build A Hardware Retail Marketing Strategy

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Other Services


Helping clients maximize their advertising budget through data-driven decision making, messaging led by a keen understanding of your audience, and creative design that engages and inspires your customer!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Whether you’re an online retailer, small business, or a non-profit organization, we want to help your business name appear at the top of your customer’s searches!


We provide two different models of search engine marketing to our clients and when they work together symbiotically, it’s a beautiful thing!

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