The “Secret” to Creativity

When coming up with creative concepts, regardless of platform delivery, we have to think about how to get our viewers to stay engaged long enough to spend that second second watching, consuming our marketing, right? We have one second to capture their attention and push them into that second second… In order to do that, […]

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The Humble, Down-to-Earth, Not-At-All-Braggy Guide to Talking About Your Company’s Philanthropy

Your company does good in the world. And you deserve — and need — to make sure people know about it. You might think there’s no way to promote your philanthropic efforts without coming off as pompous and self-centered, but that’s not true! It should be a no-brainer and not a feeling of guilt that […]

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The Power of Quality Photography

We probably don’t have to convince you that photography is an essential, powerful, influential element of our modern world — this has been the case for some time now. Photographic images are everywhere; on our walls, in our magazines, on our phones, our computers, on our television screens, and from there, on our social media, […]

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Your Customers Are Online Searching for You

Are You Everywhere You Need to Be? Have you ever wondered if the first users of the internet had any idea of the power it would hold? Getting sucked into the world of the internet everyday is inevitable and, in most cases, users are thankful for instant results. Searching the web for a new restaurant […]

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The Key to a Well Balanced Rural Community 5 Year Marketing Plan

Why Rural Communities Need Marketing Strategies. Most people are likely aware of the fact that in order for any tourism market to thrive, it needs the magic head-turning power of marketing — and not just marketing, but good marketing — marketing that actively and effectively targets a town’s potential visitors and clearly communicates the unique […]

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