How to Build a 2019 Marketing Budget

Marketing budget template with dollar

The most common question we hear when meeting with a new client is, “Is my marketing working?” Unfortunately, we have to answer that question with another question, ‘How are you keeping track of it?”. And so begins a long and cumbersome conversation about the multitude of different platforms and outlets one can use to market… Read More >

The Humble, Down-to-Earth, Not-At-All-Braggy Guide to Talking About Your Company’s Philanthropy

Mountain Mojo Group Philanthropy Slider

Your company does good in the world. And you deserve — and need — to make sure people know about it. You might think there’s no way to promote your philanthropic efforts without coming off as pompous and self-centered, but that’s not true! It should be a no-brainer and not a feeling of guilt that… Read More >