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Owenhouse Ace Hardware has 2 locations in Bozeman, Montana with over 89,000 skus, hundreds of team members, and a legendary reputation that goes back over 140 years.


With each new long term engagement, we start by building a roadmap, a marketing strategy that can be used as a guide for all future branding and marketing efforts. Once the plan was built, presented, aligned, and collaboratively decided upon, it was time to go to work creating content to support social media, search engine optimization, paid advertising, event activations, website development, and their monthly newsletter, all cohesively with purpose and a measurable outcome. 


Strengthening the overall brand of Owenhouse ACE Hardware.


How do we improve a successful legacy business with a strong national franchise brand and a dedicated team by strengthening relationships with pre-existing customers, while driving new customers into the stores, differentiating the brand from others, and supporting internal team pride and inclusiveness? 


Make a plan! Our plan or roadmap, began with surveys of the internal team and Bozeman’s citizens, alongside a full audit of all past and present marketing efforts, an in-depth look into their analytics along with a competitive and comparative analysis.  

Branding & Content Creation

Translating 140 years of brand history into 21st century digital platforms.

When you have a store with 140 years of community contribution, the brand pretty much speaks for itself. Translating those stories into the 21st century digital age is a delicate procedure that takes special care and communication with respect and careful consideration. Through social media and display ads, in-store displays, and team buttons and email signatures, we are constantly looking for ways to brand Owenhouse as a Bozeman mainstay. Our design projects include everything from blog infographics to email newsletters, product sale ads that highlight the monthly theme, website landing pages for new releases and specials, as well as lifestyle stories from local partnerships. 

Search Engine Optimization & Content Creation

Increasing brand awareness and rankings online to compete against national and online retail businesses.

With the intention of increasing keywords to compete against both the hardware retail corporations and the online retail websites, our goal was to focus our efforts on grassroots inspired organic SEO that showcased local products through engaging, localized monthly blog content.


  • 88% increase in organic search sessions
  • +725 change in Google rankings
  • +809 change in Bing rankings
  • 32% increase in session duration
  • 17% decrease in bounce rate
  • 146% increase in website traffic from Google my Business
  • 45% increase in phone calls from Google my Business

Strategy and Marketing Roadmap

By combining the efforts of Ace and their marketing muscle, internal surveys conducted with their floor and leadership teams, and town-wide surveys that dug into how their community feels about them, we were able to take a hard look at the existing mission and vision statements, their guiding principles, and their primary goals both short and long term. After completing their competitive and comparative analysis, we audited all of Owenhouse’s existing marketing assets as well as reviewing previous surveys, data, and analytics, as well as their Ace franchise marketing offerings (Ace Marketing Muscle). These strategies are not short and they can be overwhelming, but when trying to make a holistic plan that is both comprehensive and simple to execute, you need to get it all out on the table! Once we knew the ‘why’, we went to work developing target customer personas that tell us the ‘who’. We want to know what these customers do every hour of every day and at what point do they interact or potentially think about Owenhouse Ace? Once we know the ‘who’, we can get the messaging look, tone, feel, and cadence dialed in through actual campaign design that focuses on both branding and effective, measurable action-oriented ads. When the campaign graphics are in place, we fill in the various levels of the sales funnel, assign different tasks to different members of the OAH and MMG teams (this depends on the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing team), and set a timeline. And then we are ready to present to the OAH team, get their feedback, tweak any inconsistencies, and finalize the plan! 

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