Grand Canyon Youth Case Study


Grand Canyon Youth

Grand Canyon Youth provides youth (ages 10-19) an experiential education along the rivers and canyons of the Southwest in an effort to promote personal growth, environmental awareness, community involvement, and teamwork among people of diverse backgrounds. Through our Mountain Love program, GCY engaged us (river runners amongst the group) with a series of design projects focused on storytelling for a large development project looking to raise $120,000 to assist in purchasing their headquarter building. We worked with both the development and executive directors on an informational booklet with descriptive icons and animation, direct mail packages, sponsor/donor ask decks, and pledge sheets. It’s hard to describe the feeling the team had upon learning that the GCY team had accomplished their goal and was moving forward with securing the purchase of their building, assuring a permanent location for them to share their services for many years to come!

Graphic Design

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