Block-Lite Masonry & Hardscape Products Case Study


Block Lite is a family owned, second generation masonry industry leader located in northern Arizona that was looking for branding and regional SEO services with on call marketing support.

How We Helped Grow Regional Brand Awareness and Organic Search Rankings

Our first task with the Block-Lite team was to audit and overhaul their pre existing website, then collaboratively build a regional search engine optimization strategy. Once their site was fully optimized and the plan was built, our team went to work building both on and off page optimizations. Since the launch of their website, we have seen triple digit growth in their metrics and reputation building efforts are performing strongly statewide. We act as their marketing department handling monthly tasks from merchandise design to social media, and SEM. 


Strengthening the overall organic brand awareness of Block-Lite


How do we create a strategy focused on organic brand awareness growth through search engine rankings and other tactics?


Our strategy was focused both on geo specific targeting and keyword ranking for new offerings. Ranking traffic went up 200 from June to July, primary keywords ‘brick pavers’ going from unknown to first on Google and 5th on Bing and the average time on page over 3:00, with the pages per session up to 4, seriously minimizing the bounce rate.


“Block-Lite has worked with Mojo for over a year. We honestly could not say enough positive things about this team of professionals. They have raised the bar and exceeded expectations in every project we have worked on together. This team packs a powerful toolbox; creativity, communication, professionalism, technical know-how, attention to detail, experience, reliability, and enthusiasm. These guys are truly amazing! We needed a turnkey marketing solution for our company and Mountain Mojo has delivered.”

Ben Kurtze, Sales & Marketing Officer, Block-Lite

Videography & Photography

Creating engaging content that not only captures the attention of viewers but also raises customer awareness about product offering and expertise. 

From shot list to storyboarding, the goal of this videography project was to showcase some of the beautiful hardscape decor pieces that Block-Lite manufactures in order to both educate customers on the ease of the installation as well as the potential new look that they could add to their backyard. The shoot itself was narrated live with Block-Lite’s lead operations director (who was a natural) going step by step with a real life installation. Once the video was edited, it was uploaded to the BL website and delivered to their potential customers via social media channels resulting in immediate conversions via their website order form and phone calls. 

Web Design & Development

A complete website refresh allowed Rose Capital Funding to strengthen their brand and stand out from their competitors.

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Graphic Design & Collateral Creation

Everything from merch to sales documents.

Stoked at the request to do some new collateral designs, we took their pre existing brand and mocked up shirts and mugs, to be used as gifts for their team and for their clients. We have also had the pleasure of designing their first email newsletter template in order to share specials with their B2B partners which included a training on Mailchimp for their team. 

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