Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona Case Study

With 4 expert surgeons, 10 staff members, and 16 locations, Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona is an established and sophisticated practice looking to create brand consistency across all digital platforms and marketing channels.

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Everything started with a strategy.

We started our engagement with PSNA by working with their team in building a comprehensive marketing strategy that gave us a clear and specific look and feel in developing their new website, cleaning up their logos, in taking team and lifestyle photography, and designing their new marketing campaigns.

plastic surgeons of northern az


Strengthening the overall brand of Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona


Build a brand-consistent, holistic marketing strategy that supports a well-established business’ pre-existing patients while expanding and growing new patients with new service offerings. 

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Pay-Per-Click & Search Engine Marketing

Reaching qualified prospective patients across the United States.

By focusing on keyword relevant topic clusters to create content across all platforms, we were able to leverage industry and market research along with keyword research to restructure PSNA’s campaigns and optimize their spend based on service segments. As we progressed further along in the engagement, we were able to eliminate hundreds of low performing terms and identify both positive and negative keywords. Along with paid search campaigns, we created keyword-focused blogs that drastically increased their organic rankings while minimizing their monthly spending over time. With qualified leads coming through both phone calls and form submissions, we were able to accurately measure, strategize, and grow their monthly qualified leads. 

Social Media Marketing Flagstaff Arizona
Website Design Development Flagstaff AZ

Web Design & Development

A complete website refresh allowed Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona to strengthen their brand and stand out from their competitors.

Whenever you have a well-established brand looking for a new look and feel with their website, you need to really dial in the target audience and align your design and messaging both from a vision and mission standpoint. We were able to get important feedback from the PSNA team, their leadership, and their customers during the research and strategy portion of the site build. Once the new brand kit was completed, the photo shoots done, and the SEO strategy decided upon, we were able to build a beautiful, brand-consistent, effective, conversion-ready website. 

PSNA web site design Flagstaff

Social Media

A robust social media strategy to complement the growing business.

plastic surgeons of northern Arizona
plastic surgeons of northern arizona

Our social media efforts with PSNA began with a tremendous amount of research focused on both a competitive (regionally) and comparative (nationwide) analysis, along with an audit of all pre-existing campaigns and their data. As the holistic marketing strategy was being built, it became apparent that the blog topics and keywords would drive half of the social media posts and that branding and reputation would drive the other half. With a dual focus of long-term branding and short-term conversions, we were able to quickly start pushing out trust-based messaging, along with educational pieces that led to form submissions, calls, and visits. We also incorporated doctor and staff spotlight posts as well as patient testimonials.

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