Time Off Request Form

Submit the form below to request time off. After the form is submitted, your manager will review your request & accept or deny it.

  • GTHI - provide task links. Tasks should only be canceled if it doesn't negatively impact progress towards reaching client goals. Example - "CAH Ads Management can be canceled - I will review them when I get back: "
  • GTHI - provide task links. If tasks that are rescheduled have a dependent task, also include the adjusted timeline for the dependent tasks (example: blog posting is dependent on blog writing). Example - "CAH Blog Posting can be moved to 3/12, with the QA/QC subtask moved to 3/13 ."
  • GTHI - provide task links. If you'd like a task to be reassigned to another person while you're away, please indicate that here. Example - "These tasks can go to the person subbing for me - "
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