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Expanding the reach of Flagstaff Mall across multiple channels to new audiences while re engaging their present day fans.


How We Increased Social Engagement 128% in Less than a Year!

The Flagstaff Mall is a staple of commerce, not just for Flagstaff, but our surrounding towns and reservations. With eCommerce taking a large portion of the brick and mortar retail market away, Flagstaff Mall has stood strong with creative programming and dynamic events. 

Our first conversation with the marketing director from the Mall’s representative Cypress Equities was short and sweet, we were tasked with ‘making the Mall cool again’. And through the power of social media, storytelling, local programming of events, seasonal concerts, influencer partnerships, and with the support of an extremely creative team on location, we were able to accomplish just that! 


Strengthening the overall brand reputation of Flagstaff Mall


Brick and mortar retail is losing to online shopping.


Events, events, and more events! With the rise of online retail and the decline of in store visits, we worked closely with the General Manager, marketing director, and event staff to create a year full of seasonal events that tapped into various demographics, partnered with local organizations including Mom’s clubs, schools, traditional advertising outlets, travel groups, local auto dealerships, and more to create a happy and welcoming environment for all walks of life! 

New Challenge

Covid19 and the effect of closure.

New Solution

Crisis communication is something that a lot of people don’t plan for and although our reputation management prepped us for quick, well though out responses, the pandemic threw us for a loop. We were very lucky to have a general manager that was fully engaged giving us constant updates that we then translated into timely, branded, messaging for their followers. 

Instagram Reach


Facebook Likes


Audience Growth


Social Engagement



“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

Bonnie Bouschet, Flagstaff Mall

Event Marketing

Driving target customers into Flagstaff Mall for event activations. 

With an extensive background in event production with many connections in the southwest, our team was able to collaboratively ideate, plan, market, and execute a whole new schedule of family-friendly events with live entertainment that included BMX events with x Games stars, famous literary and tv stars like the cast of Frozen 2, Paw Patrol, Buddy the Dinosaur and so many more, not to mention the countless community events like animal adoptions, trick-or-treating, blood drives, carnivals, petting zoos, and holiday events themed around Halloween, Christmas, Easter. Back to School, community Teacher drives. Once the event was booked, our team met with the FM team to plan out a marketing strategy targeting different demographics through different channels and allowing the event promotion to organically bolster our branding campaigns. Although a majority of these connections were made digitally, we also provided a conduit to local strategic partners and community leaders through outreach and coordination efforts. 

Photography & Videography

Showing off the live and exciting events happening at Flagstaff Mall.

As you probably know, lifestyle photography is a major part of most people’s social media strategy today, but when it comes to incorporating so many established brands into a single FB/IG campaign, photography literally is everything! Our team met with the FM team to brainstorm ideas on how to best storytell through images and videos on a monthly basis. Through these brainstorming sessions, we would identify potential campaigns, draw up treatments, storyboard, script, coordinate, shoot, edit, and launch multiple campaigns a month focused on hyper-relevant sales, fashion trends, new gaming, or shoes, or outfits, or educational material, or jewelry, you name it, we showcased it!

Influencer Local Mom Celebrity

Branding Flagstaff Mall as THE place to shop in Flagstaff for busy moms.

Establishing an influencer marketing strategy came up during a brainstorming session that focused on trying to get more traction via social. Once the idea was vetted, we went to work building a strategy that identified 4 target personas and then researched hundreds of local and regional influencers, their followers, their branding, their interests, in hopes of finding a handful of candidates that might align with the Flagstaff Mall brand. After conducting interviews with each of the finalists, we settled on a local Mom with a solid following, a magnetic and outgoing personality, that enjoyed fashion and understood the subtle art of promotion. Then, on a monthly basis, we would send our social media team out shopping with our local celebrity and her children, sometimes with her friends, sometimes with her husband, but each time highlighting specific brands and how they look, feel, operate, function, support, her lifestyle. Besides having a ton of fun, we were able to re-engage one of the Mall’s primary targets and got the town talking about all the ‘cool’ things happening at the Mall!  

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