The art, science, & craft of helping your organization achieve it’s long term goals.


Mountain Mojo Group has the experience, expertise, and resources to help grow your business and make you stand out from your competitors. Our marketing team is assembled with like-minded, big hearted,  driven individuals who think outside of the box. We provide high-energy strategic planning, public relations, social media management, digital marketing and development, brand development, and full-creative capabilities. We dig deep to discover the true essence of your brand.

Business Consulting • Market Research
Competitive Analysis •  Public Relations • Press Releases

Business Consulting

A majority of our clients, have the idea, the vision, the passion, and the team to be successful but have forgotten one key ingredient… the Why. Why are you doing what you’re doing? How long do you want to do it? We ourselves have owned small businesses in different industries. We have worked in the corporate environment. In every scenario, there are challenges that require a big picture, a long term strategy and an in depth understanding of which path to choose.
Mountain Mojo Group will help you discover your ‘Why’ and work with you to create a strategic business plan that is aligned with your short term and long term goals. 

Market Research
& Competitive Analysis

A key ingredient in developing a good business strategy is knowing your industry. The better you know and understand your industry, audience, and competitors, the better you will be able to pinpoint what is going to make you stand out.
For each of our clients at Mountain Mojo Group, we dedicate time to researching and analyzing both regional and worldwide competitors. We make an effort to learn as much as we possibly can about each organization and their industry so that we can create the best possible marketing strategy that highlights each business’ unique personality.

Press Releases
& Media Coordination

When building a brand or making big changes to an organization, the first place to start is Free Press! There are very few things in marketing that can compare to a front page article. Mountain Mojo Group will help you create quality, well-written content that will capture the attention of journalists and media sources, and their readers. We work closely with media sources in radio, print and online to get your message out in the world. Our blogging partnerships have taken businesses to the next level overnight.

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