Social Media platforms are essential to public relations & growing your business!


What does your voice sound like in a crowd? How does your brand look amongst thousands of other brands online? Behind all of the success seen when analyzing major brands is a sense of community — that intangible, yet critical factor in brand development. Consistency is key for this.
Used to gain traction in the development of new leads, and simultaneously to keep new potential customers interested, social media functions as a versatile instrument in the digital marketing world.
At Mountain Mojo we prides ourselves on our ability to deliver clients their ideal platform for social media engagement, whether their goal be brand development, product sales, or community engagement. We approach our social techniques from two connected perspectives: organic efforts and paid advertising.

Organic Reach

For organic efforts in social media, consistency is key. The content being developed for the platform is the heaviest lift, but countless businesses misuse the weight of their channels by forgetting that reliability and credibility are two of the most crucial factors. At the end of the day, content may be “king”, but it is not the end-all-be-all of marketing through social media. For a useful social presence, brands must offer their audience value, and do so at the right times in the proper content format.

Paid Reach
& Advertising

Businesses often take advantage of social ad platforms in an effort to make their content more versatile, and cash in on a wider reach. Through traditional ads and boosted posts, social advertisers are capable of broadcasting content to controlled audiences based on platform-specific credentials.
Channels like Facebook allow businesses to target lookalike audiences, modeled after the defining characteristics of current customers, where a platform like LinkedIn allows ads to be served directly to people with specific job titles. These capabilities prove the versatility of social platforms, and the benefits of transitioning promotional dollars from more traditional means toward a place where most customers spend their time — online.

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