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Websites are like the sign in front of your business, but online. A tour of your business and products, but virtually. High performing websites are essential to each and every business’ success. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the world’s first impression of their business represents every ounce of who they are and what they do.  It an increasingly digital world, your business’ website could very well make or break a client’s decision to work with you.

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Thoughtful User Interfaces

Any website – no matter how beautiful – is useless if users cannot understand it or how to interact with it. When we build websites we put a lot of a thought and planning into every detail of the user interface, from menu structure and placement to every call-to-action. Our UI/UX designers aim to make the user experience as simple and straight-forward as possible, while also focusing on capturing the personality and goals of the business behind the website.

When we begin our web design and development process, we gather as much information from our client’s as possible, but perhaps the most important question we ask is always “What are your goals with site?” Are you simply wanting to inform people about your business? Looking to sell products or services? Are you looking to get people to sign up for something such as classes or a mailing list?  No matter what your primary goal may be, we will build you a website that looks incredible, functions seamlessly, and represents your company properly.

An effective, attractive website is vital to a company’s online presence.

Fully Responsive Design

What device are you using to view this page right now? Maybe you’re at work, scrolling on a desktop computer. Perhaps you’re scrolling through on your phone? No matter what size screen you are viewing a website on – from a smart phone to a giant projector screen – a quality website will still be visually pleasing and properly functioning on any device.

Our web design and development team make sure that every website we create in completely responsive and can properly serve it’s purpose no matter where the user is viewing from. Our designers put thought and purpose into each webpage, making the sites not only responsive, but extremely user-friendly and cleverly structured.

Mountain Mojo Group creates high-functioning websites that look beautiful on phone screens to flat-screen tvs – and every screen size in between.

Driven Results

Google Analytics is Google’s free, powerful and in-depth analytics platform. Used for tracking referral sources, user behavior, website goal completions, and more, Google Analytics is a powerhouse tool for marketers in the collection and interpretation of valuable website data.

Along with tracking where visitors are sourced from (Social Media, Referral Sites, Direct Traffic, Paid Traffic), Google Analytics also shows businesses how many pages users visit on average within set date ranges, how long they spent on various pages, and give an accurate depiction of how a user experience flows from page to page on a website.

At Mountain Mojo, we use Google Analytics to collect and analyze the crucial data that informs strategic development, and report this information to our clients through reports. By breaking down this data, we can more accurately make informed recommendations about the development of a client’s digital presence.

Mountain Mojo Group creates attractive, functioning websites that will not only lower your bounce-rates, but lead your clients to conversions while on your website. 

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