GWC. Get it. Want it. Capacity to do it. This simple and quick three-rule formula for hiring, positioning, and firing will streamline your HR process and get you people who understand the big picture, are in line with your values and want to work for you.


What is GWC?

GWC is an easy-to-remember acronym that stands for “Get It. Want It. Capacity To Do It.” GWC serves as a tool to quickly and objectively answer the question, “Is everyone on my team in the right seat?” GWC comes from the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and is considered “fundamental to the success and growth of your company.” Now, let’s break down GWC.

Get It

Does this employee get their role, and how does it fit into your company’s bigger picture?

If an employee Gets It:

  1. They align with your core values and walk the walk with you.
  2. They get your mission, vision, and purpose – the why behind the hardware.

Want It

Do they want a job at your company, not just any retail job?

If an employee Wants It:

  1. They want to do all the work – not just one piece of it.
  2. They want to support others, your core values, and their manager(s).
    They want to do more than just come to work for a paycheck.
  3. They see and want the deeper value in working for your company, and they care about their work.

Capacity To Do It

Do they have the resources to do well at retail hardware?

If an employee has The Capacity To Do It:

  1. They are physically, mentally, and emotionally suited for retail. Let’s not kid ourselves; not everyone is cut out for it.
  2. They have the drive to learn and grow with the role and the company.
  3. They are willing to try new things, learn from others, and they have the capacity to make mistakes and learn from them.

We didn’t mention experience or skill set under capacity. Those things should only be part of your hiring strategy for very specific roles in your company: B2B, HR, AP. You can always train skills and knowledge on the floor – you can’t train someone to get your vision or already own your core values – and that wins over knowing electrical inside and out – every time. For roles like managers and GMs that do need more specialized skills in operations and leadership, the best way to get the best people to fill those roles is to train them from the ground up.

How Do I Use GWC?

GWC is the most streamlined set of rules for hiring, positioning, and firing. It is easy to implement and helps you maneuver quickly to get your team and culture where you want it – and it’s not a favoritism game. It’s all about your employees already being a fit and your HR team consistently using GWC to build a team that really works.

Utilizing GWC For Hiring

Ask the right questions and really listen to the answers. If you don’t have questions like this in your current arsenal, include these in your next interview.

Get It

  1. Why do you want to work for us instead of another retailer?
  2. What do you value most in a working relationship?

Want It

  1. Tell us about a time you were really motivated in another job or school.
  2. What motivates you about our company?

Capacity To Do It

  1. What do you do when you don’t know how to do something?
  2. What would you tell a customer if you couldn’t find what they were looking for?
  3. What is your biggest strength that you would bring to our store?

If they either don’t get it or don’t want it, don’t hire them. Getting it and wanting it are hard lines in the sand. It is rare that we can change those in a person, and it’s so much better when they come in getting it and wanting it from an internal place.

Use GWC For Positioning

Get It
They get it 100%.

Want It
They want it 100%

Capacity To Do It
Capacity can often be changed with training, coaching, or a position change. If an employee is a hard yes on getting it and wanting it, it’s time to take a look at their skillset and natural abilities to see what role in your company is a better fit, or if you can give them the training they need to be successful in their current role. Once you have someone on your team who truly gets it and wants it, you’ll want to do everything to keep that person around.

GWC Will Tell You When To Stop

If they don’t get it, don’t want it, and/or don’t have the capacity (only one of these needs to be a no for the tripod to fall over), it’s time to let them go. If you’re in a state like California with lots of labor protection laws, sit them down, set clear expectations, and start documenting the tangible ways in which they aren’t meeting those expectations. While people rarely change and suddenly get it and want it, sometimes setting clear expectations, boundaries, and a timeline helps them understand where you’re coming from and they can turn it around. Otherwise, you’ve done your due diligence, and it’s time to let them go.

The Best Part? GWC Is Compatible With Your Current System!

GWC is one of the best tools in culture building to help navigate the complexities of hiring, positioning, and firing, and it’s also one of the quickest and easiest tools to implement within your current system.

If you want more detailed information or help to implement the GWC rule, click below to set up a meeting with Rand to chat about your marketing.

Jocelyn has been in the hardware retail business for over a decade, working with retailers from around the country on culture building, content creation, blog writing, website development, and overall marketing strategy. She has been working with Mojo since 2021.

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