Builders First Source Show Low

The Goal

Showcase a Builders FirstSource Show Low building project where supplies were used from the store

How We Did It

Our primary focus was to showcase the products that Builders FirstSource Show Low offers and how those products look when the project is complete.

The Goal

In the process of building the Builders FirstSource Show Low brand, the team had a clear objective in mind: to create a video and photos that are on-brand and bring to life the products that they sell every day so that customers can visualize the end result!

Builders First Source Show Low Home

How We Did It

Determined to stand out in the hardware industry, Builders FirstSource Show Low was looking for a stand-alone highlight reel of a video that they could display in-store and online to show customers the end result of their dream project.

High Quality and Never Compromising

Builders FirstSource Show Low AZ Yard brings together an unrivaled portfolio of quality building products, industry-leading construction solutions, nationwide scale, coast-to-coast distribution, local perspectives, and exceptional service to solve homebuilding challenges and streamline our customers’ businesses—today. We’re also investing in tomorrow—continuously improving our business, strengthening our team, and creating the next generation of breakthrough innovations that are transforming the home building industry.

People are visual beings. When scrolling on social media or the internet, videos are the number one way to not only capture people’s attention but to easily get your message across. We have a group of people who know the right angles, the proper editing techniques, and the best concepts to make each video interesting and engaging. 

Our videography team will provide everything from concepts, scripts, actors, sets, wardrobes, crew, equipment, graphic overlays, motion graphics, and creative, engaging storylines.

At Mountain Mojo Group, we understand the importance of these elements and their consistency to the success of your business. Together, we’ll create a brand experience that leaves a lasting impression and sets you apart from the competition.

Discover why countless businesses trust us. Contact us today to inspire and elevate your online presence to new heights!


The Team

Holly is driven by her passion for filmmaking and photography. She has accomplishments that include photographing a ShowTime special and engaging in a remarkable photography collaboration with PetSmart.

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