In the 70’s we saw weird symbols and random color combinations. Negative space dominated the 80’s and a focus on strong brand recognition and bright colors lit up the 90’s. Logo design trends in 2020 focused on minimalism and simplicity due to the greater than ever placement in the digital space. If there’s one thing we can count on with design it’s that logo design trends will change regularly and consistently. Brands must stay on top of the trends or get left behind. 

Currently, with design trends in 2021, we’re seeing that minimal, simplistic logos are still popular and the comeback that gradients made in the last decade is still going strong. We’re also seeing a trend in text destruction, which we love! When a logo designer changes different letters within the logo making it more unique, it also makes it more memorable. In 2021 as you’re going through your design process just remember, less is more!

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Trend 1 – Simplification

Straightforward typography, clean compositions, and minimal decorations continue to be the number one logo design trend in 2021. Your logo needs to communicate and be clear on any device, no matter the size. From desktops to mobile devices, business cards to banner ads, having a logo that is recognizable and memorable is the key to developing a strong brand identity.

Brands should consider a logo their signature, not the whole story. You should not try to fit every aspect of your company culture into your logo, it will just overwhelm the consumer. Again, less is more! Think of logo examples like the newest Starbucks logo, it exudes confidence and lets the reputation that Starbucks has built speak for itself. A strong and simpler business logo portrays that your brand knows what it’s doing. Your logo should trigger a memory of what your brand serves or sells. It should not attempt to illustrate your offerings. A simplified logo amplifies your brand and creates a distinctive presence.

Flagstaff Arizona Logo Design

Trend 2 – Gradients

Gradients have gone in and out of style over the years but they came back in a big way in 2018 and are still going strong! Logo designers can use gradients to make flat logos more dynamic and seamless. Having a minimalist logo design with a strong gradient gives it a nice balance of simplicity and complexity. Some gradient logo examples are Instagram and Avon. Avon’s branding has changed over the 135 years they’ve been a company, the new logo references back to the original curves in the 1930s logo. The new logo also uses all the modern trends of simplicity, gradients, bold typography, and unique lines.Logo Design Flagstaff AZ

Trend 3 – Text Destruction

Text destruction is the manipulation and transformation of letters. Designers hide letters or parts of letters within a brand’s name. They might make letters into different shapes or transform the whole name in some other way. Text destruction forces the viewer to look a little closer and pay more attention to the brand, making it memorable. As you’re playing with text destruction, it’s important to remember that the number one goal is clarity. If you’re the only one that knows what it says, that’s not going to work. Keep it creative and unique but simple and clear.

Some text destruction logo examples are Kinetic Defense and Novakinetic Aerosystems. Two different brands but they are under the same company umbrella. Mountain Mojo Group recently had the pleasure of designing a new brand kit for them. The two logos needed to be different but also cohesive. Using text destruction was a great way to bring the two brands together while also making them unique and memorable.

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If you plan to update your brand identity in 2021, it’s important to know the trends. Researching minimalistic logo design examples and staying on top of what the big brand names are doing can give you insights and ideas about your own brand’s identity. Always keep in mind who your core audience is and what they’re looking for in a logo. Just because you like the way a logo looks, doesn’t mean that your audience will also. If you have any questions about updating your logo or starting a new one from scratch, be sure to reach out! We’d love to help!