Dominating on Google Ads with a full cycle marketing campaign (display, search, remarketing)

Google Ads – such a foreign and confusing area of marketing for so many business owners but one with tremendous opportunity for return on investment and taking your business to the next level! We get so many business owners who ask us if pay per click (“PPC”) advertising is right for their business or they come to us saying they tried Google Adwords, had no idea what they were doing, and it was a flop so they are hesitant to try again. At Mountain Mojo Group, paid search marketing is what we do and we stress the importance of data-driven research and strategy. Do the market research, make a strategy, execute the plan, track the data, adjust as needed, and disrupt the market by dominating! Here’s our insider info for dominating on Google ads with a full-cycle marketing campaign (display, search, remarketing). 

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How Does Google Adwords Work?

Google offers paid advertisements which appear with the use of Google Adwords that appear on Google and other partner websites, through the Display Network and also Google’s AdSense program. The entire system is centered around keywords – specific words potential customers are searching for. Every time a user types in a keyword to search, an auction for that keyword takes place within Google Adwords. In order for your ad to “win” and appear for relevant keywords you are targeting, you need to optimize your Quality Score and bid amount for those words. The higher your Quality Score when combined with your bid amount, the better your ad will position. What is a Quality Score and what impacts it? 

  1. The relevance of your Google ad to the search query
  2. The relevance of the Google keyword to your ad group
  3. The relevance of your ad to its landing page
  4. The historical click-through-rate of your ad and ad group
  5. Overall historical account performance

When your quality score is high, you will get lower costs per click, improving your return on investment and higher exposure meaning your ads will be displayed more often help you get more clicks and conversions without having to raise your bids. This is where Pay Per Click Management with an experienced agency really makes all the difference!

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Search Campaigns on Google Adwords

Here is how a Google search Ad appears for someone: When they open Google on their computer or their phone and start typing in words to search for something, that is when Google Ads get to work! Google Ads is Google’s advertising system that displays your ad when people search online for the product or service your business offers. You may not even notice that the first few options that pop up when you search for something have the word “Ad” bolded on the left next to the URL and the description of that company. That is Google Ads at work. 

So how does that process play out if you are doing the advertising? First, you choose the specific goals for your ads such as phone calls, website visits, purchasing a product on your website, etc. Then you do keyword research to find out what your ideal customers are searching for online and make a list of these keywords to target. Keywords are either individual words, phrases, or questions such as “dog food” or “cleaning company near me” or “should I hire a business coach?” Advertisers bid on certain keywords for their ads to appear when people search in Google. When someone then clicks on the ad, that is when Google makes money. Because a few or many businesses are targeting the same keywords their potential customers are searching for, Google ads are essentially a keyword auction to determine whose ads are shown. 

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Display Campaigns on Google Adwords

The main difference between Google Adwords search and Google Adwords display campaigns are that display uses a push approach whereas search uses a pull approach. What do we mean by that? With search, you are pulling in people who are already searching for you as we discussed above. With display, you are pushing your ads in front of people by placing them where people will be scrolling through and see them. Often display ads are used to target people in their Gmail inbox or when they are simply browsing the internet. Next time you are reading a newspaper article online, take note of any ads you see that appear either in the text of the article or on the sides of your screen. Those are classic examples of display ads. 

If you’re a new company or are selling a product or service that people are not aware of, then Google Adwords display campaigns are a great way to get your brand in front of potential customers who do not know about you yet. When search volume is low, running Google Adwords search campaigns will not be as successful as a display because search only works if people are actively searching for you. Once you have that brand awareness and search volume is higher, switching to Google Adwords search campaigns is our recommendation. 

Remarketing Campaigns on Google Adwords

Google Adwords remarketing campaigns are exactly what they sound like – re-targeting potential customers who have engaged with your business’s online presence in some way. Yes, Google tracks these people and then you can specifically target them! Often these campaigns are used to target people who have visited your website or used your app by adding a tag to track them. Remarketing ads are a sub-type of display ads because they will appear as your prior visitor browses Google or any partner website. The statistic is 7 touchpoints in marketing as the average before someone converts (makes a purchase or does whatever goal you want them to take when visiting your website). By re-targeting people who have previously engaged with your online presence, you are increasing your brand awareness and reminding those people to make a purchase. 

Google Adwords remarketing works quickly. Have you ever been on a website, then leave, and immediately see an ad for the product you were just looking at? Yep! That is a remarketing ad and they are very prompt, serving as a quick follow-up reminder to say, “hey are you sure you meant to leave our website?! You know you want to buy this!” Google Adwords remarketing campaigns are also great for really narrow-focused advertising in e-commerce, when someone had something in a shopping cart then abandoned it and did not complete the transaction. 

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Google Adwords Management in Flagstaff, AZ

All types of Google Adwords campaigns serve a purpose and can be a part of the marketing strategy for your business as each has its benefits and can be extremely useful in different situations. Google will tell you to run all three types of paid search campaigns at the same time as this will provide the most reach. But the maximum reach isn’t necessarily a good thing. For return on investment, you want to get your product or service in front of the right audience, not just the biggest. Adwords management is what we do at Mountain Mojo Group so we recommend our clients to use Google Adwords search campaigns for the following reasons:

  1. To supplement organic SEO traffic
  2. When targeting a local audience
  3. When you have a short sales cycle or want to promote emergency products
  4. If you have a smaller budget 

Additionally, we recommend our clients to use Google Adwords display campaigns for the following reasons:

  1. If your product or service is new and you need to create brand awareness
  2. If your product or service is more visual (display uses images or video)
  3. If you have a longer sales cycle 
  4. To reach niche markets

Finally, we recommend our clients to use Google Adwords remarketing campaigns to supplement their search campaigns and organic traffic. As you can see, there is often overlap between the types of Google Adwords campaigns and all can be incorporated into the lifecycle of your business marketing strategy at various stages depending on the type of business you are, your Google Adwords budget, and what your goals are.


At Mountain Mojo Group we are a creative, data-driven Google Adwords management company. We are dedicated to helping businesses optimize their PPC campaigns to dominate their markets. We are located in Flagstaff, Arizona but we have clients all over the country. PPC is one of the most confusing areas in marketing for our clients because to be successful you really have to know what you are doing with market research and analyzing the data to tweak your ads so they optimize over time. Successful PPC management requires daily monitoring of how the ads are performing, continuing to do research on a monthly basis for keywords, and adjusting based on market trends. Contact us today so we can help you dominate Google Ads and therefore dominate your online competition!

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