Assembling Your Rockstar Marketing Team

It’s early morning… custom coffee mugs litter the dark table’s landscape. Natural light permeates the conference room window, illuminating a ragtag team, eager to demonstrate expertise of their craft. They come in all shapes and sizes, but each brings a different skill set to the table.

A shadowy figure —  the client — saunters in, laying blueprints on the table. She nods to the table’s head, and the Creative Director begins to speak. “Let’s brainstorm.”  

It would be accurate to say the analogy above is a little over-the-top, but the sentiment tracks if you’ve ever had the chance to work with a full marketing agency team. Traditional caper movies usually depict a collection of individuals with backgrounds varying from technology (hackers) to acting (fast-talkers), who assemble together for their end all goal: the big score.

The makeup of an agency team parallels this crack-shot team so directly, it’s surprising:

Web Designers – Props & Technology

Strategists –  Architects

Copywriters – Smooth-talkers

Creative Directors – Mastermind

Project Managers – Logistics

Videographers – Demolition (flash and bang)

This amalgamation of talent is efficient across the board. Even though the goal of marketing endeavors is wildly different from the caper team, it’s easy to see how effective a large team can be at achieving the most favorable outcome possible.  

This is why in the agency world, you so often hear that we are an extension of your team. The boutique values we hold dear means that So you’ve gathered the team, and you’re ready to bring down the house. What does it look like in practice?

The Mark

Your target for this job is your audience — your target personas. Just like you see in the movies, any rock solid team knows that in order to hit paydirt, you’ve got to know everything you can about your target. In marketing, your personas are individualized representations of the demographics and psychographics defining your audience. The more detailed and customized your content, the more likely you are to see conversions, and ultimately, close the deal.

The Method

What does the campaign framework look like that will take your marketing to the next level? This is what that first brainstorm meeting and the subsequent planning stage is all about. Without a plan, you’re just shooting in the dark. Some agencies call this a “spray and pray” method, in which companies rely heavily on outbound targeting methods, forsaking a more reliable relational tactic. By taking the time to develop a strategy, and knowing the step-by-step prioritization of your action items, you are much more likely to find the mark when it comes time to implement your ideas.

The Execution

Speaking of implementation, let’s talk day-of execution. All of that rehearsal was for naught unless the ending performance is perfect. Jumping from the strategy phase and into implementation is one of the hardest parts of both business owners and marketing professionals’ jobs.

At this point, all of the details are buttoned up and you’re in front of the vault, nothing separating you from the big score but some number and a big metal door. Without your team, and their excellent planning, you likely would not have made it this far. They have all the knowledge you need to crack the code, and get out without being disruptive.

So what does your next marketing endeavor look like? Are you going to go at it alone, or find the right team to get you front-and-center in front of you mark? Let us know how we can help.

Mountain Mojo Group is located in Flagstaff, Williams, the White Mountains, and Page, Arizona and provides top-quality marketing solutions and design! Our team works with small businesses all across the state of Arizona, providing a variety of marketing and design services including, social media management, photography, videography, strategy, web design, graphic design, SEO, and paid search engine marketing. Our team of creatives is ready to tackle your next marketing project. Contact our team today at (928) 440-5301 or stop by one of our offices located throughout northern Arizona.

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