Ok, so we recently told you the importance of Google Ads for your business and how to dominate with a full-cycle marketing campaign of the display, search, and remarketing ads. If you have not read that one yet, you definitely should! Now that you know how to use Google Adwords, the difference between the three types of ads, and when to use them, you are ready to launch your ads, right!? Hold up! Not so simple! The actual ad copy that you write is super important. It requires both artistic content-creating style and data-driven research strategy combined for them to succeed. Here we give you the keys to writing great local business ads for Google! You will be a Google AdWords specialist in no time! 

Leverage Keywords Anywhere You Can

Keywords are king! Those are the words people are typing in when they search in Google looking for something, so when you’re advertising on Google you want your ads to match what people are searching for. When using local Google business ads, you’re bidding on certain keywords so your ad appears before your competition. You also want your ads to mirror what your prospective customer is searching for because when they see your ad they will say, “Hey, that’s exactly what I am looking for!” and click on your ad. This is why we say it takes data-driven research to write a successful ad copy. But copywriting for Google Ads doesn’t stop there. You need to make sure your keywords are being used well, not keyword stuffing which is a turnoff because it conveys no message to your potential customer since it looks like spam. The same thing goes for your landing page, which is where your potential customers are taken when they click on your Google Ad. You’ll want to have those keywords in the headlines or text at the top of the page so your potential customer knows they are in the right place after clicking the ad and you have what they were searching for.

keywords for google ads

Be Specific – Think of the User’s Query

Being really specific in the copy you write for your local Google business ads is crucial. People want to know if your business has exactly what they need. You have only a few seconds (at most) when someone is browsing Google’s search results to draw in your customer via a click on your local Google business ad. Specificity also yields credibility for your potential customer. Be specific about the exact number of happy customers, including specific prices, promotions, or exclusive deals, and also highlight what makes your business unique. Remember you need to be informative, matching what your prospective customer is looking for, and encourage them to click on your ad instead of the others that may be appearing above or below yours!

Call To Actions are Key

What do you want your potential customer who is visiting your website to do when they click on your local Google business ads? Book a call? Subscribe to an email list? Buy a product? Fill out a contact form? Whatever that desired action is, you need a Call To Action (“CTA”) in your local Google business ad. Remember, you’re paying for each click! So having the right CTA will help weed out people who really aren’t interested so they don’t click and cost you money. Next up is your landing page, where you’ll want the same CTA that was in your local Google business ad CTA. Ad extensions can also be helpful here. These are features that show extra business information with your Google ads, such as an address, phone number, store ratings, or links to various pages on your website. Take the phone call ad extension, for example: If your goal is for your potential client to call your business, adding the phone call ad extension works similarly to a CTA as it encourages them to actually call your business directly from the Google search page so they click on that calling you immediately instead of clicking on the ad, landing on your landing page. And yes, you do pay for that call similarly to paying for a click through the ad to your landing page.


Do you feel more informed about how to write copy for Google Adwords? There’s so much that goes into advertising on Google and it’s why we have an entire Google Adwords Management Team at Mountain Mojo Group. Our pay per click team has experience working with a wide variety of businesses, launching and maintaining long term pay per click marketing campaigns. We are located in Flagstaff, Arizona, but we are proud to work with businesses all over the United States to help them disrupt their local markets with a competitive, research-driven pay per click marketing strategy. Not feeling like a Google Adwords specialist? Contact us, and we’d love to help you find your Google Adwords Mojo!

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