Your logo is your first impression of the world. What does your current logo convey? Clean and modern, abstract and colorful, retro and textured? How does it make people feel? You want the words that people would use to describe your logo similar to words they would use to describe your business. At Mountain Mojo Group in Flagstaff, Arizona, we specialize in all elements of brand creation, including logo design and logo refresh projects. We will help you determine if your existing logo reflects who your business is today and who you want to become in the future. We’ll also work together to ensure it appeals to your target demographics. Let’s explore the difference between a logo design and a logo refresh so you can determine the best solution for your business logo.

What is a Logo Design?

Logo design is exactly what it sounds like! Logo design is the process of designing a new logo. A logo represents your business and is easily recognizable. Logos use graphic symbols and a combination of typographies and colors. Your logo designer will guide you through the logo design process, including:

  • Defining your business and brand.
  • Defining your audience/ideal customer.
  • Analyzing other logos to see what you like and dislike about them.
  • Analyzing imagery that reflects your business.
  • Discussing possible color schemes.
  • Discussing the most important elements of your logo.
  • Discussing current logo trends and how they could impact your logo.

Logo examples:

Airbnb Logo Changes
All the variations the NBC logo has taken over the years.

What is a Logo Refresh?

A logo refresh is a great option if your current logo is out of date but you have a strong brand identity that your customers feel positively about and can quickly identify. The logo designer will keep or slightly update visual elements that are commonly recognized with your brand. The number one goal with a refreshed logo is to maintain the visual connection between the customer and how the brand was seen before. While at the same time, providing an up-to-date logo designed with current logo trends and a look toward the future in mind.

Logo refresh examples:

Volkswagon Logo over the years
Google Logo over the years
Starbucks Logo over the years

Differences Between Getting a New Logo Design or a Logo Refresh

Questions we ask when deciding between a logo design and a logo refresh:

  • Does your existing logo accurately reflect who your business is today and who you want to become?
  • Does your existing logo appeal to (and speak to the values of) your target demographics?

Delta Airlines is a great example of the differences between a logo design and a logo refresh. From 1928 to the mid-1960s, Delta Airlines dramatically changed its logo with each new logo project as it searched for its identity and what resonated with its audience. By the 1960’s they found a design and colors that spoke to their brand identity. From then on, Delta’s logo has only been refreshed, keeping it up to date with modern design trends and typography. 

Delta logo over the years

Contact Our Experts About Logo Designs and Brand Identities

Whether you’re looking for a logo refresh or a new logo design, Mountain Mojo Group in Flagstaff, AZ, is your go-to creative design agency. Whether through discovery meetings, research, or internal and customer surveys, we identify and define who you are and why you do what you do.

Then we spell out your Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles. Once we’ve identified the language of your true north, we create a visual representation in what we call a style guide.

We then deliver your new brand kit and customized logo with multiple applications in all necessary digital and print formats. Learn more about what to expect when hiring us to design your logo, brand kit, collateral, or digital marketing piece. Then be sure to reach out with any questions you have!


Michelle has been with Mountain Mojo Group as Content Creator and Lead Social Media Manager since early 2020. Throughout her time here, she has led efforts in graphic design, social media, content writing, and branding strategies for our clients.

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