The Importance of Marketing Strategy

It’s the first quarter of 2018 and Barbara the Business Owner needs a new angle for a big boost in sales in the new year. She wants round-the-clock interest and a line around the block.

So what does she do?

She flips the script  — she alters her brand and starts having flash sales and buying big billboards to bring in the masses. As long as she checks all the proper marketing boxes, droves of leads and prospects will skyrocket. Innovation will take care of the rest, right?

Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is what caused excited, enterprising young minds to give us such creations as the Pontiac Aztek, The Zune, The Galaxy Note 7, and Qwikster. Unfamiliar with some of these? That’s not at all surprising. All were intended to be innovative, creative ideas that were hamstrung by poor direction and execution.

The structured planning that goes into a marketing plan for new business endeavors is the foundational element of a holistic marketing strategy. Investing in flash-bang marketing tactics will only get you so far. Barbara’s tactic was akin to buying a sports car, whereas a strategy-based plan is a sturdy cross-country economy car.

Would you buy the flashy model vehicle? The overpriced one that runs 8 miles to the gallon and breaks down frequently? Or the sleek eco-friendly alternative that you’ll still have in 10 years?

We’d wager you chose the option that means you won’t be shelling out repair money every 8 months for the foreseeable future. So what does that build look like?

Fuel-efficient Marketing

You want a vehicle that will carry your business from A to B and C without having to dump more cash in at every rest stop and convenience store next to the information highway. Efficiency in marketing stems directly from excellent planning. It starts with a concept, works through blueprints, and travels smoothly into execution. You wouldn’t buy a car that didn’t have a functional manual and indicator lights, would you? Knowing what to look for in marketing pain points, and having all of the nuts and bolts tightened up will help you keep your business from the large city potholes. Avoid sending your well-laid plans careening into the proverbial guard rail with a marketing strategy based on data as well as passion.  

Aesthetics and Audience

Slick, new models are always fun to look at, but can sometimes hamper the effectiveness of the vehicle. Why not find an option with a clean, appropriate look that facilitates your upward goals?

Who is it built for?

Knowing your audience means you can build a strategy that is fit to their particular needs, and will result in a longer lasting relationship more likely to result in advocacy rather than discontent. Start your marketing plan by understanding the persona-targeted design and content that will bring you inbound leads, rather than sending out flares and hoping for people to show up.


Ever jumped into a car to test drive only to realize that it has 50 bells and whistles, but no clear way to turn on the A/C? Clarity and customization are critical facets of any marketing strategy and should be present for all of your business’s marketing endeavors. In other words, just because the standard model has seat warmers, doesn’t mean yours needs to as well. Market research and analysis are important in order to get to the point where strategic “assumptions” become educated statements of direction.

Do your homework!

When you can successfully nail down customization for your intended audience, and grasp an understanding of the benefits of marketing strategy, your business’s engine will take you places you never could have imagined.

So do you want to build it on your own, or trust it to the guy around the corner?  How about a certified mechanic with a team of helpful experts? Now we’re talking.

Mountain Mojo Group is located in Flagstaff, Williams, the White Mountains, and Page, Arizona and provides top-quality marketing solutions and design! Our team works with small businesses all across the state of Arizona, providing a variety of marketing and design services including, social media management, photography, videography, strategy, web design, graphic design, SEO, and paid search engine marketing. Our team of creatives is ready to tackle your next marketing project. Contact our team today at (928) 440-5301 or stop by one of our offices located throughout northern Arizona.

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