Since before the concept of Mountain Mojo Group was created, our founders knew and understood the importance of being a part of the Flagstaff community by doing whatever they could to give back to it. Whether that meant participating in fundraising events, setting up events, donating their own time or through other methods, our founders are committed to this community of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona.

After donating time, money, and services here and there, MMG decided that is was time to be more consistent with what and how we are giving back. In 2019, we introduced the program we have had in the works for quite some time, Mountain Love. We are excited to grow this program in ways we have always hoped for and intend to give back to the community in the best way we can – through marketing services.


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How did it all begin?

Without the support of the community, we would not be where we are today. The idea of Mountain Love sparked from the overflowing love we were feeling from the community and we wanted to share that. We have always given back to the community either through individual contribution or whole-team efforts so we wanted to create something more consistent. The concept of how we were going to give back changed a few times but after a few meetings and team brainstorms, we ultimately decided on giving back to the non-profit community through our team’s marketing services.


Downstream 2020 poster for Grand Canyon Youth


How have you helped so far?

So far, Mountain Mojo Group as an organization has donated 125 hours to the community through executing marketing efforts for nonprofit and charitable organizations. We have worked with Northland Family Help Center, Habitat for Humanity, The Literacy Center, Grand Canyon Youth, and Over the Rainbow Butterfly Garden, Inc.

Outside of Mojo, our team members give back to their community on their own time in many different ways. Adam has been on the board for Habitat Humanity of Northern Arizona for about a year and volunteers time to do portfolio reviews for NAU design students with Jess. Jess and Adam also recently volunteered as judges at the High School Regional Graphic Design Competition for Northern Arizona at Flagstaff High School. Tessa has lead Veteran-focused rafting trips down the Colorado River. Sydney B volunteers at the Coconino Humane Association and the list goes on and on!

That’s another reason why this program just felt so right – we are all involved with the community outside of the office so why not give a little more back with the joint effort of the entire team?


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What kind of services are you donating?

Since we are a full-service marketing agency, we didn’t want to limit what services we are providing to non-profit or charitable organizations. That means we can support an organization with branding and graphic design, web design and development, social media management, SEO, photography, videography, public relations, technical training, or general marketing consultations. So if an organization you want to nominate has a big event with photography support needed or their website has lost its functionality or they want to take their social media to the next level by doing a training with us, let us know!


Mountain Love flyer


How can I nominate an organization?

Nominating a non-profit organization you love is easy! Just head over to our Mountain Love page and click the “Nominate a Non-Profit” box. We’ll ask you for some contact information, details about the organization, the reason for your nomination, and how they could benefit from better marketing. We LOVE receiving nominations because there are so many non-profit organizations we may not be aware of but with your help, we will have the opportunity to give back to more organizations!


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